Sunday, April 15, 2012

Skinny Me

I weighed myself the other day and still I'm not gaining weight for the past months or so. My weight was still at 91 lbs. and I'm already worried. Frankly, I'm not even trying to loose weight or dieting. I'm not even starving myself. I'm eating on regular basis though in small amounts for I always get bloated or will experience dyspepsia once I ate too much. About 5 years ago, I was at 100 lbs. then I went down to 94 lbs. which is really my ideal weight considering I only have 5ft height.

Last year, after having been to the doctor because of my indigestion problems that is when I started to loose weight. I guess some of the reasons that I don’t gain my 94lbs. weight is that I gave up drinking colas and coffee. 

Anyway, if I’m trying to bear with my ectomorph body and trying to gain weight, I know there are many people who wanted to loose their weight. I’m sure they have tried a lot of ways to maybe achieve their dream weight. There are people that even read reviews about pills and asked: is decaslim safe and effective? It’s funny because not only those that wanted to shed some pounds is having a problem but also me.

I hope there’ll come a time that I’ll gain weight and no one will notice my skinny arms and almost shrunken face.. yay!

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  1. Use small amounts of honey daily in the early morning.


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