Monday, April 30, 2012

Cricket Announces This Year's Muve Music Promos


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Music promos provide a way for fans to get to know the musicians responsible for their favorite songs. This year, Muve has a ton of fantastic music promos that will definitely please fans of music in general and of the service in particular. There are a variety of special treats like a B.o.B Meet & Greet brought to you by Muve Music from Cricket, as well as promotions featuring a number of other ensemble bands and single musicians.

Get Sneak Peeks and Special Features
One of the best things about fun music promotions is that users get access to all sorts of special features. Promos offer different treats for super fans, depending on the artist being featured and what the fans themselves like best. By taking advantage of the features offered by Muve Music through Cricket, there are loads of opportunities available for you, such as the following:

  • Q&As with the hottest new artists;
  • sneak peeks of new songs, remixes, and album information;
  • intimate information about your favorite artist's musical inspirations, personal opinions, and much more information.

Enjoy the Perks from Muve Music
With a service like Muve Music, you get to enjoy more than just the promotions. You also get the ease of being able to listen to music straight from your mobile phone, without having to pay extra. Get all the music you want straight from your phone service and get it all in your mobile phone rather than having to carry around MP3 players or other music devices. All your favorite tunes are in one easy-to-use place, making it effortless to create different play lists, ring tones, ring back tones and many other things.

More Than Just Unlimited Music Downloads
Besides getting the chance to download music, fans also like to know about the musicians they love. Getting the opportunity to actually meet the musicians you love is even better, which is why the B.o.B Meet & Greet brought to you by Muve Music from Cricket is an event, widely anticipated by their fans. Getting to meet B.o.B and other artists is a unique and possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While getting an autograph is awesome, getting the chance to talk to a fantastic musician and tell them what their music means to you is an unforgettable experience.  

In addition to the opportunity to snag an autograph and ask the questions you're dying to know, you can also access their music at any time without having to pay extra and learn everything you ever want to know about them. Music promos from Muve Music allow their subscribers to benefit with experience more than just the ease and enjoyment of getting up-to-date tracks at all times. 

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