Monday, December 19, 2011

Mom’s Mind is Set on Surgery

After a long episode of stomach pain tt was found out 3 months ago that mom has gallstone after she had an ultrasound. Her doctor prescribed rowachol that she can take 3x a day before each meal hoping to wash away the stones but the new ultrasound showed that the stones didn't get smaller but at least it didn't increase in size. The doctor advised my mom to have her gallbladder removed already to avoid other complications in the future. The worst thing that it can happen is for the stones to get out of the gallbladder and wander on other organs which can be fatal. After hearing such mom was decided to undergo operation already next year.

Eventhough she hates to see nurses in their nurses uniforms that will get blood samples and give medicines to her, she really has no choice. We'll be praying for her on her future surgery and praying that no complications will arise. We just need to find a good hospital and a surgeon so she can have a peace of mind. Mom being 79 is already scared about the surgery but fears for other consequences that her gallstones can do when she will not have it remove.

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