Monday, October 31, 2011

Health Care professionals

I guess ¼ of our clan have graduated with a course in line with medicine. Mom and older sis are midwives, my other sis a nurse and I graduated as Medical Technology. I also have aunts that are doctors, nurses and other cousins are nurses as well. Some have become very successful in their chosen career and are still working in big hospitals here, Middle East and in the US. An aunt of mine even became the head of a cancer department in a hospital in the US and just recently she’s also giving lectures and seminars to medical professionals.

There’s a great demand of medical professionals anywhere, for giving medical care to patients are a must. There are various fields that you can opt to choose, nursing, midwifery, doctor of medicine, medical technology, x-ray tech, and lots more. If you love giving special care to patients and wanted to expand your learning in the medical field, getting a medical course can fulfill your passion. I also remember there’s a number of caregivers that are needed on elderly homes and some of my relatives took a course just to be qualified on that field.

Hospitals and other medical care facilities will always be in need of medical staff and to augment that need.

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