Monday, October 10, 2011

79 soon

It's going to be another fun-filled weekend for all of us come next week for my mom will be celebrating her 79th birthday. Her birthday on Oct. 18th will fall on a Tuesday but we're having a small family celebration on the 16th (Sunday) so that everyone will be there ( I hope). For sure, there'll be bbq since we all love pork and chicken barbeque plus some other dishes.

Actually, I'll be talking to my sister in laws to know what menu we'll be having. For sure, our all time favorite buko fruit salad will be served plus I'll be ordering cake for my mom. It's going to be just a family affair for we just intend of having a big party when she'll turn 80 next year in God's grace. One thing is for sure, she'll be receiving lots of greetings from all of us and that what matters most.

I’m just wishing and praying for mom’s good health because she’s been under the weather lately. Her gallstones still need to be addressed and we all hope that medicines can dissolve those stones so that surgery will not be done.

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