Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Walk in Tubs for Senior Citizens

Our bathroom becomes our haven to clean ourselves and to have a time for relaxation. I find it very soothing to take a lukewarm shower before going to bed at night and a cold one when the weather is just to hot to bear. I’m pretty sure that others find their bath tubs a place to rest their weary bodies after hard days work. Ahhh.. it’s a pure bliss.

It also made me think about my grandmother when she was 90 years old, my aunt who took care of her in her last days have a hard time especially when it’s time for her bath time. If only we have one those walk in tubs where she can comfortably cleanse herself. She doesn’t even need to climb at the tub as it has a door where she can open and enter.

Walk In Tubs are perfect for seniors as they can take a refreshing bath even without any assistance. They can become independent because these tubs are safe for them. This is a wonderful innovation and they are already available in different styles and features. walk in tub

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