Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things That I Want to Try

I have to say that I'm not an adventurous person and it's kinda sad to know that. Sometimes I hate myself for not taking some risks or trying out new things because of fear. You see, I have a fear on heights and anything that goes so fast and up & down for I'm having some butterflies in my stomach. Anyway, if only I’m too brave to do some things, here’s what I want to try out.

1. Bungee jumping – ahhhh.. this I have to say this will kill me lol
2. Walk on top of Sydney Bridge. Actually, my BIL is already asking me to go with him one time when we had went there in 2008 but the scared cat in me surfaced so I declined the invitation.
3. Paint ball game while handling a gun with rifle scope targeting my opponent. Ahhh, I guess I can handle this task.
4. Ride a zip line. Yay, hope the lines won’t break or else I’ll fall on the woods.
5. White water rafting and other extreme sports.

Oh dear, I’m not sure if I can try all of these. Just reading my list makes my knees shake and my palms sweat already. Boo!

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