Monday, July 19, 2010

Need Some Rest

Ahhh.. it’s Sunday, time to laze around or go out but here am I still working. I was supposed to go to the salon to have my hair dyed and spa but since work calls then I have to set it aside once again. There’s another weekend anyway. Arghh.. my neck is aching now and I guess I need to fix my monitor. My head also feels a little bit heavy and my eyes are kinda strained already, yay. That’s what I get when work pour in, tiring but rewarding.

Anyway, all I think about right now is having a warm shower and a massage with lavender scent. Pure bliss! That for sure will send me off to dreamland in no time. How’d I wish we also have a hot tub in the house so that anytime I want to relax and take my minds off from work or worries, I’ll have another sanctuary where I can just go. I can also invite friends to accompany for a relaxing chitchat.

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