Monday, July 26, 2010

The Need for Clean Water

When storm Basyang hits our country about 2 weeks ago, our electricity was cut off for 23 hours and that made us so uncomfortable and bored. What made it worse was that we weren’t able to save water in our tank because it is power generated so we ended up just using what was left in the tank. As the water is not enough for us to take a bath, we were forced to go to my brother’s place just to take a bath because they are using Nawasa water that doesn’t require any electricity.

Our water is not safe to drink as well and how’d we wish we had one of those WATER filter pitchers
hat can filter viruses or even bacteria at up to 99+%. I guess it would be great because we wouldn't worry anymore if our water was not safe to drink. I have seen these kinds of pitchers and read about the benefits that anyone can get by using them, shelling out the few bucks to buy one is worth it.

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