Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Needs to be Fix

Oh dear, our van really needs a major overhaul I guess. My brother is actually getting piqued over it for the last months or so. A van with no aircon and a squeaky sound somewhere is already a sign that it needs to be seen by a professional motor technician already. If that isn’t enough, just like the other day a drop of oil in the garage is very visible. I brought this to my brother’s attention and he’s gonna bring the van asap for repair.

I’m not sure when but I hope the technician can also take a major inspection of the van so that it will not give us a headache anymore. It looks like the air intake systems are needed to be checked as well and if the van will only give us lot of repairs, I guess i have to tell my mom and bro that there’s no choice but to sell it and have it replaced.

All along we thought we hit a jackpot when we bought it last Oct. of last year because the interior was great and the performance is ok during the first few months. We have not been using it long distance so there’s no reason why the engine will fail that fast. I hope it can be fixed asap.

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