Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Want to Travel Again

I get pleasure from traveling most especially if it’s out of the country as I get to enjoy different culture, climate, food, shopping and lots more. It’s a nice reward that I can give to myself after working so hard whole year round. Though I have only been to few countries the memories and the experience that I got from them is priceless. It’s already stored in my memory and that will never be taken away.

I have the pleasure to travel alone to Australia 3x already and had experienced their Australia tours with pure delight and I must say I love that country and even considered it as my second home since my sister and her family are citizen there now. I really wish I can go back at OZ land maybe next year or the year thereafter.

Aside from that, our whole family went to Hongkong last Dec. 2009 which are days before Christmas. We all had a blast and we definitely want more Asian tour maybe next time in Singapore if God permits.

These days, looking for great place to travel and affordable tour packages like national tours, canada etc. by Collette Vacations are quite easy to find already. Aside from that they have escorted tours and tour packages all over the world for travelers to enjoy. Their website is a great source of information and tour packages when you want to travel. I just hope that our family will be blessed by traveling again in the future.

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