Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Overeating Before Bed Time

Immediately after I closed my shop, I hurriedly went home because I'm too hungry already. I did ate my afternoon snack but for some reason, my body signaled that I am hungry again. Must be because I was too busy today at our net café and consumed most of my energy while working.

Anyways, I got home and meal is prepared already by my mom. I had some fried chicken which is my favorite and had chicken soup with papaya (tinolang manok). Oh boy, it was a very sumptuous meal, I could not resist eating a lot eventhough I know we should not eat too much before going to bed at night. Been eating quite a lot these days especially we’ve been having a rainy weather. I just wanted to eat, eat and eat, not worrying too much if I will gain weight because I know I can loose them through exercise and if worst times come then a
diet pill will do, I reckon. I just thought that I should refrain from overeating before bed time because a no-no.

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