Thursday, June 4, 2009

3x Thursday

1. What's the weather like today? Describe it.
- Wooo.. the weather is crazy right now. It's been raining since yesterday up till today and the weather bureau says it will be like this the whole day. There are no classes in Manila, it was suspended this morning.

2. Did you/are you going to do anything productive (sure, it's relative) today? What did you/are you up to?
- Oh yes, this will be a very busy day for me. Online and offline works. I have lots of works to finish and I hope I can finish them all today if I am not exhausted.

3. Do you need to make some phone calls or send some emails to people that you haven't heard from lately? If so, who? Here's your reminder to do it!
- Hmmm at the moment I am not writing anyone.

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