Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Summer!!

I guess it's about 34C right now and I am already sweating while I am writing this. AC is not on bec. I am saving electricity, electric is already enough. But wait... I can hear rain outside.. oh yes it's RAINING!! I wanted that bec. it has cooled the temp for a while but I noticed the change in weather lately. It's been raining and it's kinda new to us bec. we have not experienced such in previous summers that we have.

Hmm the weather must be changing bec. of climate change? I can only speculate. With the change in temps from very hot humid to cold and rainy, kids are often most affected. This must also be ther eason why many kids have been sick and hospitalized. I just hope that the weather will cool down in few days.

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