Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Down with Typhoid

Awwww.. we just got a word from one of our online digi-scrapper friend Kathy that her daughter was rushed to the hospital last week. Her daughter was diagnosed with typhoid fever and luckily they detected it early. Good news is that her daughter is recuperating ad need to finish some doze of medicines before she will be discharge from the hospital.

Too bad, Kathy will not be able to join us on our meeting on Friday bec. she needs to attend to her sick daughter. I wish I can see her for the 1st time but the most important thing is that her daughter is safe and gaining her health back.

These days kids are sometimes vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and eventhough how careful we are they are affected. Even we adults are not spared with many diseases, from the food and water we take in plus the environment we live in we just need to be wary.

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