Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Consume Less, Conserve More

With the financial global crisis going on right now, we as consumers always think of ways on how we can save extra money on our pockets. In fact, I have been more conscious on how I use our electric. There are times I found myself unplugging cords of my appliances that is not in use bec. I read that, appliances still consume energy even if it is turned off. Unplugging them is the best way so I sometimes do that. In my own little way, I can save energy and hopefully lowered our electric consumption.

These days, more and more manufacturing companies are bringing up eco-friendly products that are not only useful for the consumers but also are not destructive to nature. I guess you have already heard about eco-friendly soaps/detergents, shopping bags and more. This time, I have read that there is eco-friendly exit signs which is actually non-electrical.

With the advance Photoluminescent technology that is used by ExitSigns.com they are now selling lots of exit  sign (glow in the dark, emergency, fire, just to name a few). And this product can help companies /building owners to conserve energy bec. they are non-electrical and easy to install. I am hoping that through the years with the evolution of much modern technology more products that are eco-friendly will be manufactured.

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