Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are you Afraid of Getting Old?

I guess most of us feared to grow old but we can't stop our aging. Some even resort to cosmetic surgery to fix the lines in their faces or make them youthful again. I am not against that as long as you don't look like a freak anymore bec. of too much alterations on your face. I once watched an episode at Oprah show where one of her guest wanted to look like Barbie doll so she went under the knife. Not long after she always wants to reconstruct something on her face that she end up having a psychological problem. I just can't recall what was the disorder but it just frightening.

It's not bad that we sometimes think that we don't want to age but if we resort to too much drastic move then it become unrealistic already. If you can avoid surgery why not try creams on the market. Say you have problems with your wrinkles, which by the way mine is getting to show up, or dark circle around your eyes, why not check out for the best eye cream reviews online for your perusal.

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