Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Must Do

Sometimes I have the tendency to forget or set aside some things so by the time I need it, I cram to buy or do it. I have note pads where I always put the things that I need to accomplish or topics that I need to blog about but with so many things going on, there are times it slipped my mind.

I have been meaning to have my room painted since it's paint was dated many years ago and it already looks awful. I also need to buy a new computer chair for my shop and I have to go at the office furniture by weekend to check on the price. My dentist appointment is also way long overdue, i need to get a new filling on my front tooth. My gray hairs are also waiting for a new hair color this weekend. Those gray hairs are so disgusting and unsightly to see.. Ahhh I need to accomplish these this month.

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