Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Wow it's already MARCH!
Yay, and it's Sunday today and what a nice day to just chill and relax for a while. I am not going out today, I mean I will not go to the mall bec. I just might end up buying something that is not necessary. Actually I am trying to save this year bec. I have so many many projects to accomplish like I want to buy a laptop so that I can use it a home. I also want to buy stuff for my DSLR cam and I want to have a pocket money for our Hongkong trip in Dec. I hope I can save a lot so I can shop endlessly hehe.

Anyway, I guess I will go home early today (I'm here at my shop) so I can drop by the grocery store to buy some stuff and look for a mold killer if there is one available there. Mom is asking our helper to clean up or garage soon. Nothing much good today, I am just going to splurge on using the net, watch TV later till midnight. Happy Sunday everyone!

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