Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eco-friendly, Non-electrical Exit Signs

There has been a major clamor all around the globe to save our Mother Earth, in fact, on March 28, just in case you didn’t know yet, it is the Earth HOUR. I reckon every one of us take do our part in anyway we can. Many companies these days have been more conscious too, so they are developing products that are environment friendly.

One such company is, that manufactures eco-friendly and non-electrical Exit Signs
. Every buildings or establishment must have clear Exit Signs that can be visibly read by their employees and clients/customers alike. With their photoluminescent technology, they have been producing all kinds of energy saving exit signs that can minimize the use of electricity thereby reducing electric consumption. Aside from that it can be installed easily, it uses no electricity so no wiring and no toxic battery are used. With this kind of invention, those old and outdated styles ofexits signs that other companies are using should be replaced with these.

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Should you be interested in upgrading into this Eco-friendly, Non-electrical Exit Signs and to know more about this product then by no means you can browse and contact for they have wide selection of signs from Photoluminescent Exit Signs, Edge-Lit Exit Signs, Tactile ADA Braille, Fire/ Emergency Exit Signs and more.

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