Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ang Pinaka: BADUY na pick-up lines

Just wanted to share this list that I have jotted down watching my fave Sunday show ANG PINAKA over at QTV 11. I guess for those girls that frequent clubs/discos or whatever , I reckon they have encountered guys who once have spoken these pick up lines. Some are over used already and some are super corny to the max that even guys would hate saying it lol.

Hey guys, I know you love pick up line and may once used of these.. lol.. So here is the list for the Ang Pinaka: BADUY na pick up lines:
1. If I would rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together..
2. Are you tired? cause you're running on my mind all night.
3. Excuse me, is your dad a terrorist? Cause you are the BOMB!
4. Where have you been all my life?
5. Pardon me, Are you in Heat? (reminds me of the softdrink commercial)
6. I only have 3 months to live (...soooo what? lol)
7. Is your father a thief? Cause someone stole stars and put them in your eyes.
8. Would you touch me? So I can tell my friends that I am touched by an Angel. (Sooooo corny!!)
9. Are you religious??? Cause your the answer yo all my prayers.
10. Do you have a band aid? Cause I scraped my knew falling for you (super BADUY!!)

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