Saturday, October 18, 2008

: Twitter Party Tonight :

I have been twitting via Twitter for some time now and almost all my friends there were also my co-Bebots (digi-scrappers) and oh boy aren't we just so talkative over at twitter that we made it already a chat room hahaha. My co-twitters are one bunch of busy, talkative, bunch of blogger, scrapper, photographer and all.

They have actually organized a TWITTER PARTY and it's actually today that they will be meeting. I was invited of course but I shyly declined not that I didn't want to see them but they will be bringing their husband and kids and I don't want to be out of place. I have met some of my co-twitters already last year during Bebot's EB and of course I want to meet them again and the rest of the gang.

Party will be at Citadell Inn and I think some will also stay for the night there. Some mommies will bring toys and other things that kids will enjoy while mommies will have all night of chatting. I hope there will be another BEbot's EB so I can join them again.

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