Thursday, October 16, 2008

: Strollers Always Come in Handy :

Have you ever experienced going to the mall or taking a vacation with kids in tow and your kids don’t like to walk? I guess many of you can say yes esp. mommies out there. Parents don’t have a choice actually but to carry their kids so they all can enjoy. I saw some parents pulling their kids or dragging them just to walk that sometimes we thought that they are mistreating them. Actually kids are tired already and can’t keep with the adults or probably they are sleepy already.

I remember when Bianca and Braiden (my sister Joy’s children) were much young and it’s time for us to do the grocery shopping or our time to stroll the mall and bargain hunting we just put them on strollers and off we go. It’s much easier and convenient for us and the kids. There are times though when we can’t bring any stroller; we just rent one just like what we did when we went to Taronga Zoo. It was a huge zoo and Bianca just got tired roaming around.

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