Monday, October 13, 2008

: Rampant Robbery :

Oh wow what is happening to our place lately? Gone were the days were I can go home even late at night without me being scared of being rape or robbed on my way home. These days, I need to be extra careful going home alone and I need to be extra vigilant while I am here at my store. I don't want the incident where a man robbed my store at gunpoint leaving me shock and scared to death up to this day.

How many net cafes have been robbed here where criminals got all the cpu's and monitors, owners will only find out that their stores have been looted when they open it the next day. We can't help but to become angry and I guess can deter criminals from doing such crimes. Cellphone snatching inside the cafe is also one of the modus operandi, i have seen one inside my store and I always remind my customers to be careful. Ahhh this is a sad reality and it is really happening. Poverty drive people to do such things or they are really born criminals?? Sigh.....

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