Friday, October 17, 2008

: I'm A Super Blogger ! :

What more can you ask for when one of your co-blogger gave you this Super Blogger award? I was beaming when I saw that Haze ave me this award from her blog. I have every reason to be proud and be inspired to blog more bec. someone appreciates all my hard work in maintaining my multiple blogs. Here is what she said:
JennyL - This woman is unbelievable after owning several blogs, she has yet a new one added to it all. What more is, she is such a good photographer, great digital scrapper and overall very active in all the tags and meme's.
Thank you Haze for this award, my heart is overwhelmed... Now I am giving this to: (o wag mag tampo ang iba ha hehe)
  1. RACE his is my best friend for life. A super career woman, mommy, wifey and now a super blogger. Joggling them all can be difficult but she is doing it with flying colors.
  2. NITA
- a supermom as well. Very generous in sharing tips and tutorials to me and to everyone else. No wonder she is reaping well on her blogs.
  • CHE
  • - she is the one who encourages many of us bloggers to try monetizing our blogs way back in late 2006 and I am thankful for her bec. through it I was able to buy lots of things that I can't normally buy with my offline earnings. A super blogger, kikay, and a soon to be mom. I wish I can meet her in person in the future.
  • YEN
  • - i admire her for being a Super Mom, eventhough she has 2 kids, hubby and house to keep she still manages to maintain her many blogs with style. Her shopping skills are humongous and mind you she likes branded ones!

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