Wednesday, October 1, 2008

:How much do you care about yourself? :

We all know that taking care of ourselves can be a task sometimes. These days not only women are known to be vain when it comes to personal appearance and hygiene but men as well. We should always try to be neat and presentable if we can as they way we dress and look will have a great impact on people we meet for the 1st time. Like they say, 1st impressions lasts.

It is often off-putting to deal with people esp. if we are not comfortable with ourselves and if we feel we have something to hide, like a scar on the face, a big mole or somethin' and sometimes those nasty and pesty acne that needs continuous acne treatments to be gone. I guess we women should go once in a while to the parlor to have a foot spa, hair treatment, a massage perhaps for a more relaxed you.

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