Saturday, October 4, 2008

: A Brief Chat :

I was online at YM last night trying to catch my sister online when someone buzzed me and I was happy to see that it was my bestfriend Adel way back in college (Medical Technology days). We have not seen each other for I think 3 or 4 years already and I miss her actually, same thing with my friend Beth who is Canada right now.

Adel and I had a brief chat trying to know the things that happened to our lives. She is working in a laboratory as Med. Tech in Cebu right now and with all the employment screening that she has gone through she landed a job there. I know some of the perks about is that she is paid well and she has been practicing our profession but the downside is that she is away from her family (2 kids and hubby) who is in Cavite. She go home every month and I know she is doing good in her career and she told me that even if I am not practicing Med. tech anymore, I 'll be good as well in my chosen path and business. Ahhhh I wish we can talk again the next few days eventhough she's busy sometimes.

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