Wednesday, October 8, 2008

: BEWARE: TEXT Scammers will never stop :

2 days in a row, I received text messages telling me that my number won in a raffle and to claim my prize (P1 Million) i need to call them, oh boy I easily ruled out that this is a SCAM!!. Here is tOe of the text message that I got.
Congrats ur cel no. won (P1M + Nokia n95) frm Pagcor Electronic Draw Maagang Pamaskong Handog on 10/02/08 dti. no..... claim call me I'am mngr. Ace Javier. dis #
You know what I did??? I replied and saID "Wow i won, kaya lang hindi ako tanga!! ( I am not an idiot). Scammers go to hell !!" Hahhaha , I never received a reply back.
It is annoying at times coz people never stops scamming and tricking people. I just hope no people will fall trap to these scammers!!

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