Monday, June 2, 2008

: Looking forward for my sister’s vacation here in 2009 :

My sister Joy has been out of the country since 2000 bec. she finally settled and build her own family in Sydney Australia. She hasn’t been home ever since but we got the chance to see her bec. mom and I was fortunate enough to be sponsored to fly over there. Although we got to see her and family, my other siblings and other relatives would love to see her plus her husband and 3 kids also.

The good thing is that they (the whole family) already planned of coming home on Christmas of 2009 and that made us all excited. Not quite sure if they will stay at the hotel or at ourhouse, but that not a problem since they can always get hotel deals online. They have no concrete plans yet on where to go since it is still too far away, but my bro inlaw told us that he would love us to rent a villa or a resort. I know there are many resorts in Laguna or Antipolo that we can hire for the whole day.

I think this is exciting to have a big family reunion and I hope my other sister who is in Riyadh can go home too. Ahhh … I can’t wait for that day.!!

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