Friday, June 13, 2008

: I'm not getting any younger anymore :

Gosh, it maybe hard to admit but that is the case right now.I am at the age where people always say that “my life will begin”… oh no way I can believe that haha bec. at my age this is the start of aches and pains. lol Seriously, my energy has slowly going down, I can tell that bec. I before I can shop or just stroll the mall the whole day but these days 2-3 hours are already enough for me. I also experience an uncomfortable pain on my left leg and my varicose veins are now unsightly to see. Oh well.....

And take a look at the photo, I already have wrinkles beside my eyes, a sure sign of ageing but I don’t worry much about that and would not think of using anti wrinkle cream at this moment. My laugh lines are also visible now but I hope I will age gracefully. But with all that flaws, I still feel beautiful !

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