Monday, June 9, 2008

: Health and Me :

I can say that I don’t have the perfect bill of health but I am proud to say that I have not been confined to a hospital for a disease or any ailment. Health is wealth as they always say and we always thrive that in our life bec. getting sick is really hard not just physically but financial as well.

Oh boy, I reckon as we grow older, aches and pains will be part of us no matter what and just recently I have been getting uncomfortable bec. my left leg is always aching and I suspect bec. of my varicose veins. My veins are somewhat big and swollen (runs in the family) due to too much sitting where my blood has a hard time circulating. When I go to sleep I make it a point to stack pillows underneath my legs but last night it was just painful. Aside from that I also have a very sensitive stomach which I find it very annoying almost all the time. My relatives already know about this and I am not sure if I will have it examined at this point.

Oh well, eventhough I have been experiencing it at least I am not yet drinking any medicine or supplements like liver cleanse or anything. Oh know this reminds me of the recent death of Rudy Fernandez just last week and that we really never can tell when our life will end.

Oh by the way, I am playing badminton, 1/2 or an hour almost everyday.

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