Saturday, May 17, 2008

: Where is your next destination? :

Summer is always anticipated by many as it is the best time to travel and have a break. Sipping piña colada under the coconut tree, letting your hair down, lazing around and walking on a sandy white beach… ahhh what a great thing to do isn’t it? My summer vacation at the Land Down Under last Jan-April ’08 has been a blast and I hope there will be a next time. It’s already mid autumn now there so Aussies are feeling the cold.

And for those country where summer is just coming, I bet many of you have already been preparing or thinking where to you intend to spend it with your family. There are lots of information like travel destinations, travel guides and tips on the net that anyone can consider. Just plan carefully and choose the place where you most want to go. Bahamas? Paris? Mexico? Boracay in the Phils? or what about in the Caribbean? Every place is perfect to go to as long as you relax and let go.

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