Tuesday, May 13, 2008

: Rescue workers in times of disaster :

I just remember the big earthquake that we have here in the 90’s where buildings collapsed and many people buried under the rubbish. Rescue workers worked overtime just to get them out and help them, it would not be possible if they are not using power apparatus like chain saws, drills and more of DeWalt tools, Makita or even Bosch brands. International rescuers and volunteers also came just to help us out in the situation.

Right now, China was hit by a big earthquake killing nearly 10,000 people while Myanmar suffers bec. of the big typhoon. This is deeply saddening bec. many lives and livelihood have perished and I hope many rescue workers will help them in saving other lives. We never can tell when will Mother Nature will unleash its fury so we should always be prepared.

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