Thursday, May 15, 2008

: I miss you guys ! :

Although I can talk to my sis JOY on YM every now and then and can see her updates on her blog, I can't help but to miss her and family back in Sydney.
  • ~ I miss our bonding time together blogging and shopping and/or just plain talking about chismis hehe.
  • ~ I miss Braiden's cheeky smiles and wished I was there to see his developments.
  • ~ Ahhh that little Bianca is such a chatter box, i remember she used to help me hang and fold clothes eventhough she doesn't know how. I miss you missy moo!!
  • ~ Hmmm and Micah, eventhough we argue sometimes, I miss her too of course. I wish she'll remember all what I have told her. She's only 13 and soon she'll be a lady.
  • ~ Ahhh and my bro inlaw Joe, such a cool, sweet and very generous guy. He may look too serious at times but when he cracks a joke, I'm laughing my head off.
I wish I was still with them and doing things that I don't normally do here back home. Our endless vacation is surely missed by me esp. the days where we spent a week vacation off at Hamilton Island. I had a blast !! See you guys next year in Pinas !!!

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