Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Updates

Ahhhh.... I am just loving my vacation here in the Land Down Under and I am just so amazed that I can keep myself away from the computer hahaha. I am actually busy offline, l will just summarize it bec. I am not updated here.

2 weeks ago, we went to Wollongong, it was an hour drive and the place boasts of its nice beach and a lighthouse. I have been dreaming to see lighthouse and wow I have seen already 3 of them here in Australia. After that we went straight at Kiama, another town here and another tourist place, we ate at the park and we had fun feeding the birds. One of the town’s major tourist attractions is the “Blow Hole” derived from “"where the sea makes noise". Of course I will never leave the place without pictures for souvenirs. 

Tourist’s spots will never be complete if there are no places to stay like hotels, apartments of condos. Aussies love to take vacations on the beach or anywhere so there are hotels, condos everywhere and I know there are a lot of Branson hotels in Branson Missouri USA where vacationer’s can stay.

Anyway, my bro in law always see to it that I can experience and see different stuff here in Australia so he makes it a point to tour me and his family around here. I am so lucky huh? I am so excited on where we will go next… watch out for updates!!!

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