Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Need your prayers

I got some bad news this morning from my brother back home in the Phils. His  10 year old son is in the ICU right now. Actually he was rushed on Thurs. at the nearby hospital at our place but after 4 days the doctors can't diagnose what is happening to my nephew. He has high fever and sometimes he has difficulty breathing and his fingers and hands are getting stiff. The laboratory exams proved to be normal and the XRAy too. 

My bro became impatient at the hospital's doctors and staffs bec. they can't pinpoint was is the real cause of this so he decided to transfer my nephew at a much bigger and modern hospital (The Medical City) on Sunday. They did some testings there and oh my gosh he was diagnosed to have Dengue Fever. A fatal one if not treated early!

He already had some bleedings on his lips and tongue so the doctor told my bro that he needs to be in the ICU and needs to have blood transfusion immediately. They gave him 2 bags last night and stopped it with the thought he will be more stable but they told me that he got high fever again so he will remain in the ICU until he gets ok.

We are just worried about the bills bec. it costs P10,000.00 a day at the ICU, wow! Well I know it is costly but it is nothing as long as he will be ok. I hope he will recover soon. Right now I need all your prayers for his speedy recovery. Thank you!

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