Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just another way to earn money

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good start of the year. January 1st was a usual business day for me here; I opted not to come with my family at one of my bro’s friend and just opened my shop at 2 pm. My nephew and I were at our Net cafĂ© and since other shops near me were closed so I have a bunch of customers later in afternoon.

So it was a good start for my business here and I hope it will continue till the rest of the year but too bad one of my rental pc is out of order. I am also thinking of other online business aside from my reviews from advertisers so that I can have to earn more. My hats are off to my online friend Nita who can juggle being a wife, mom, blogger, digiscrapper and a trader bec. she and her husband know to trade stocks. I have really no clue how it goes and it’s seem daunting for me to try it but I reckon there are really moolah in stock market when you know how. Have you tried trading?

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