Monday, December 10, 2007

Why do i need to suffer this???

Ouuuchhhh... I have a very painful stiff neck right now and I look like a robot.. LOL. I can't move my head downwards and sideways w/o being careful or else I will be in pain. Argghhh... Blame it on my wrong posture while sleeping or watching TV last night.

I had a very lazy Sunday yesterday (got no energy to go out) and I was watching TV till 1 am. I also fell asleep with 2 pillows on my head and wow when i woke up in the morning I could not even bend it. I tried to put Katinko ointment but it's not going away. Too bad !!

After my nose accident, now naman stiff neck arrghhh.. Sorry for venting here, i just want the pain to go away.. sakit eh.. Take care everyone and don't sleep with wrong posture ok so you'll not end up like me. Painful talaga eh. And golly my 2 printers are acting up strange also, they won't let me print..!! why!!????

I will be sharing photo tomorrow I just don't feel like uploading it today. Goodnight everyone!! I hope i'll be fine tomorrow so i can do all my assignments.
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