Thursday, December 6, 2007

Weekly Drawings: 3-legged cat

Good afternoon everyone!!! How are you all today?? Me, i'm finally alright now after yesterday's bloated and aching feeling. It's a rainy Thursday afternoon here and oh goodness, it was so cold this morning that as usual i had a hard time getting up. Christmas is really just around the corner.

Anyway, here is another weekly drawing of my 4-yr. old niece Reign. She made this last week and i can't help to laugh for a while bec. when i looked closely at the drawing, i noticed that the cat has only 3 legs .. hehehe (handicapped pa ang pusa hahaha) but it is cute, isn't it? I will share more of drawings each week.
The 3-legged cat (lol)
Have a great week everyone!
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