Friday, December 7, 2007

Stepping into the world of digital photography.

I am quite free this afternoon after talking to sis on YM so i decided to read more about DSLR online. I'm reading this: Canon Enjoy! Digital SLR cams for beginners. I am really new in using DSLR cams so I'm quite overwhelmed with all its buttons and features that my camera has. I am already learning about Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO speeds and I said wow I am really stepping into the world of digital photography.

This time this is not just point and shoot, i have now the ability to change the depth of field- how clear or blur your background is (naks may natutunan na ko), control the exposure and more. I still have a lot to learn before i can master it. Almost all of my co-Digiscrappers at our Phil. Digiscrappers Forum already have SLR cams so we are setting a sort of Photoshoot where we can share tips and take pics of course. I am really excited over that so I can learn more.

I have taken few pictures lately but I am just lazy to upload them, maybe if i have a taken more good shots. Right now, i am just thankful that I have Canon 400d SLR cam and I'm taking a new hobby which is Digital Photography. Wish me luck hehehe!
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