Thursday, December 27, 2007

Specialty Boarding School

One of the main goals of any parents who have kids is to give them good education as much as possible for their future. My nephews and nieces are lucky enough to have been studying at private schools bec. they believe they will give the best education and teachers are well competent. If I will have kids in the future I’d certainly consider sending my kids to good schools.

For parents who have kids that don’t fit much in a “regular”school, they have an alternative of sending them on a specialty boarding school like Ivy Ridge Academy in NY. They are located just outside of outside the City of Ogdensburg that has nice classrooms, well-maintained dorms, equipped computer rooms, and more for students to enjoy. The location of the academy is just perfect for students to academic leaning and outdoor activities. Age group of 12-18 can take admission test in the academy and they have separate dorms for girls and boys.

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