Saturday, December 22, 2007

My bestfriend's b-day

It was Racel’s b-day yesterday and actually we were suppose to have lunch at Tender Bob’s Resto in Greenhills as her b-day treat for me but unfortunately I have to cancel our date because my migraine attacked again coupled with tummy ache. Too bad, I wanted to eat at Tender Bob as she was bragging about their steak.

Anyway, Micah and I went to their house that night to see and greet her but when we got there she was still at the market with 2 of her daughters. We waited for her and while waiting we were entertained by her mom and her super daldal (talkative) 4 yr old son Josh.

We had crispy chicken and bbq for dinner and wow I turned so full. Race knows that I love fried chicken so she hurriedly cooked that when she got home. Just wish my bestfriend more blessings and good health. Love yah friend.

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