Saturday, December 29, 2007

I got a relaxing body massage !

It is my very first time to have one and it was actually a pleasant experience. Micah, Karlo, Kat (my nephew and nieces) and I went to Sachi Massage Center near our place to get their massage. Actually, I was suppose to accompany them but when i entered the place and smelled the soothing and calming aroma of the massage oils, I immediately told them i will join them.

The place is quite cozy and relaxing and it's no wonder that they have many customers. We were reserved at 5 pm time but we were late so we had to wait for the next session.

Their full body massage costs P250 per person for 1 hour and their foot massage is P150. Very affordable, isn't it? They offered Japanese style massage so the beds are on the floor and we lied there. It was my 1st time so my masseuse only gave me a light one.

I was ticklish at times and could not help but to laugh and giggle. Micah joined me in my room after she finished so she added more laughter in. It was a good bonding time for 4 of us and it was a relaxing night. We all liked the massage and they told me they will be back next time.

After the massage we passed by a mini store where Karlo bought a slipper, while Micah and I bought a shirt and a blouse. Then later on I asked the kids to get ready and off we go to Jollibee for their treat.

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