Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Alarming Trucking Accidents

We can never really predict when accident will happen. Just like what I have posted about my own freak nose accident, we are sometimes faced with situations we have no control of. I always watch the news every morning and just recently a horrifying car accident happened to Atty. Saguisag and his wife and other companion. Their car was hit and smashed by a truck leaving Mrs. Saguisag dead on the spot while injuring her driver. That kind of incident made me realize that no one is really safe on the road esp. if there are drivers who are careless. I am sure their family will sue the driver for the damage it has done.
Anyway, trucking accidents really do happen anywhere in the world and cases will still increase if big truck drivers will continue to slapdash while on the road. In many cases, some have already sought the help of
Austin Texas Trucking Accident Lawyer to represent them in court and I reckon this is a better way to get justice.

Be safe everyone!

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