Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wet, wet, wet, and gloomy day

Sigh... It was raining so hard when i woke up late this morning. I was scheduled to go to Divisoria with a family friend to run an errand for my sister and to buy some Christmas gifts but with the crazy rain i just postponed it. I am also scheduled to buy my Canon 400d in Hidalgo, Quiapo today but i have to postpone it till Monday. Gosh it just makes me more excited to buy it. I already called Macy store and asked for their price and i hope they will give me more discount if i will buy extra memory card, lens and accessories.You know it's so hard to do shopping in Divisoria when it rains bec. it will be muddy and there will floods along the way, that is yucky for sure.

The kids(nephews) still have classes today eventhough there are floods near their school. Right now, my feet are cold and later and we will eat champorado for snack. Gosh it's so nice to sleep right now but i can't do that bec. i still have customer and i need to finish my tasks.
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  1. Sinabi mo pa sis! Yucky talaga dun pag ganitong umuulan. Saka mahirap din. Muntik na nga kami di nagkatuluyan ni hubby dahil sa stress namin sa Divi on a rainy day.



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