Thursday, November 8, 2007

Recognizing Independent Artists globally

There are many great artists here in the Philippines and worldwide, but some of them have not been recognized or wasn’t given a chance to be exposed in the limelight. The competition is also very tough and stiff so you need to make a lot of effort for people to notice you. One of the ways for to be recognized is through the Internet. We all know the power of the net so you might as well use it to reach out to more people that love music., an online entertainment media company that helps solo artists, independent bands, trios a venue where they can show off their music globally. Almost all kinds of genre (like country, folk, jazz etc) are covered here so you will have the chance to hear your types of song. As an artist you can have the liberty to sign up for free and create your own account and you’ll have your own homepage. You can customize your profile and can even upload your own music so your fans can have the taste of your music. You can also create your fans network. Not only that fans have the ability to create a fan profile, listen to Unsigned bands and create your own playlist.

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