Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pinoy Caregivers and Nurses

There’s a recent boom in caregiving courses lately here in the Philippines that have attracted a lot of people from taking the course and to continue their dream of maybe working someday abroad such as in the US, Canada and the US. I have personally know someone who took a 6-month caregiving course with hopes of working in Canada. We can’t blame people from dreaming and hoping that way since job openings are scarce here.

Nursing is also a much in demand course since there are lots of job openings in many hospitals in the US and other countries. We have been known to be the top provider of qualified and good nurses all over the world esp. in the US and that is something we have been proud of. I have a cousin who is a nurse in NY for over 15 years now and my sis-in-law’s pedia doctor for her kids even took nursing course before migrating to the US. I have lots of nurse friends and I believe nursing career is very promising.

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