Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our elderly needs love too

Have it already crossed your mind where do you want to retire or live when you are already in your twilight years? Kinda scary to think that sometimes but we all know that we will all grow old and grey and I hope my family would still be taking care of me. My grandmother was fortunate enough to be taken cared of by her daughter at home when she was in her later years. She was 96 when she joined our Creator. My mom on the other hand is healthy at 75 and we both live together.My older bro took a care giving course last year and he was assigned at one of the nursing homes here where he took care elderly as part of their training. He said it was heart warning to give care to elderly.

For those family where their parents or elders need a special attention and care I can suggest taking them to nursing homes where they will be taken cared of. There are homes that you can look into like Better Caring, one of the UK’s nursing homes; they offer long term care in 3 categories for your love ones. Just one some of the things you can read at their website are the latest news about care options, expert tips, and a forum where you can join and talk about their own experiences.
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  1. yes the elderly need love. but we shouldn't spend our lives fearing our old age. if we look after our bodies and eat and live well now, we will be powerful, healthy and happy in our old age.



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