Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bro suspects that he has diabetes

Older bro lately noticed that he is getting sick and easily getting tired. He actually smokes a pack of cigarette a day and we always tell him that it is NOT good for his health but he keeps on smoking anyway. He also loves to eat chocolates and could eat a big bar of it in just one sitting, imagine that? I myself can’t eat like that. Anyway, he suspects that he has diabetes bec. the last time he had a wound it didn’t heal easily. So went to the doctor for a check up and his sugar level is a bit high. So he was advised to go on a diet and keep fit by exercising.

He is actually exercising everyday now by riding his bike in the morning bec. we don’t have fitness equipment in the house. He also been eating less rice, less salt and less sweets but he has never given up the cigarette yet. With only 2 weeks of trying to get fit we noticed that he lost his beer belly a bit. I hope he’d continue to do that so he’ll be fit, and the good news is that he went back to his doctor yesterday and his sugar level is quite ok now but he still needs to diet.
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