Monday, November 5, 2007

I was on the phone for almost an hour

Hello guys, how's your weekend? Mine is just ok didn't go out yesterday (tama na muna ang shopping). I finished all my assignments that I have even it is not due yet so that i will be free today for more blog hopping and opp hunting.

Last night, i was so lazy to do the ironing so just i watched TV. While watching Korina's show Rated: K, my cellphone rung and a landline no. appeared. Not so sure who is calling and i was so surprised to know that it was LIZ, a co-bebot that is on the other line. We had fun talking about so many topics from digi-scrapping, photography, and other chit-chats. It was great to talk to her and knowing Liz you'll never run out of things to talk about.

Oh boy, we talked about an hour on the phone and there seems no end. Thanks Liz for keeping in touch. See you in December again tog. with Suzanne. BTW, promise i will share you the tutorial soon.


  1. wow naman, nagtatawagan na pala kayo?hehehehe! that's neat! btw, I found my keys na and I'm so relieved!hehehehe!

  2. i"m surprised nga Jen thanks for the vist ha,


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